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The Weight of Evidence is a legal term used to gauge the sufficiency of proof that is presented in a legal dispute.

Use on this Website: The side whose overall presentation of evidence is most convincing will be said to possess the
Weight of Evidence.

Specific Application: The Great Debate on this website concerns whether the "Torah", as given by the Most High God to Moses and later as interpreted by Yeshua, was done away with for the GENTILES ONLY from the time of his death until his second coming.

Note: We say "GENTILES ONLY" because it is clear from both the Scriptures and the history of the Early Church that the ethnic Jews (this includes the Apostles) who became believers in Yeshua's atoning death "continued in the ancient observances: the Apostles scrupulously acted in accord with the dispensation of Mosaic law." 1
We shall present evidence from a multitude of sources, including a great many Protestant Christian Scholars of the 20th century as well as the Early Church Fathers, in order to try and reach a reasoned verdict.

Upon reaching this verdict, we will pursue understanding the implications implied.

Note: The writings of the Protestant Christian Scholars, including their books and their journal articles, will be footnoted with exactness so that all statements made can be authenticated by those who adhere to the exhortation of Paul in 1 Thessalonians 5:21...

"Test everything! Grasp a hold of that which is true."

We also take to heart the wisdom found in Proverbs 18:17...

The first to present his case seems right,
until another comes forward and examines him.

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